Rental of specialized outdoor equipment available

Sportèque Drummondville offers you quality equipment at low cost for your outdoor getaways. Do you want to learn about an outdoor activity or need an item to complete your equipment? At Sportèque Drummondville, you can rent your equipment at our store in Drummondville.

Different models and sizes are available in rental equipment for men, women and children.

Are you looking to rent equipment for what type of activity? Here is a list of the equipment we offer you:

Off-road skiing (Touring)

Ski touring equipment rental

Light mountain skis for a series of descents from morning until the end of the day with great pleasure. Alpine skiing for off-piste and for ski touring.

Different models and sizes available of off-road skis for men, women and children.

Alpine skiing

Alpine ski equipment rental

Gear up for skiing and enjoy the freedom to explore the slopes and have fun in the powder.


Snowboard equipment rental

A collection of boards and accessories for practicing your tricks or exploring slopes all winter long.

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country ski equipment rental

Maximize your prowess: transfer more power to glide a little further with each push.


Snowshoe equipment rental

Listen to the fresh snow crunch under your feet, feeling like you are walking on a cloud.

Paddleboard & stand up paddle

Paddleboard & stand up paddle rental

The rental of your paddleboard includes all the necessary equipment for your safety and for transport by car


kayak Rental

The rental of your sea kayak includes all the necessary equipment for your safety and for transport by car


Our team of experts provide impeccable repair and tune-up services that will exceed your expectations.


Rental of outdoor materials and equipment: sea kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving, snowshoeing, tent, etc.


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